Round The River Fun Run

Sunday 7 April 2019

Tasmania’s most picturesque event!

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The Raine & Horne Eastern Shore Round The River Fun Runs and Walks are brought to you by the Eastern Suburbs Athletic Club, with the support of Raine & Horne Eastern Shore, K&D Warehouse, The Running Edge, Your Health Hub, Pace Financial Services, Get Fit Tas and Clarence City Council.  The event is now in it’s 36th year.

Raine & Horne Eastern Shore 10km – 9 am

Starting at Simmons Park, Lindisfarne, and following the river under the Tasman Bridge, around Rosny Hill, Bellerive Bluff, and along Bellerive Beach. Then a short stint over the middle bluff will bring you into Wentworth Park for a short sprint across the grasslands to the finishline. Starts at 9 am.

Your Health Hub 5km – 9 am

Starts at Kangaroo Bay and follows the second half of the 10km course, Starting at 9 am

Pace Financial Services 2km – 8.30 am

Starts at the Queen Street end of Bellerive Beach. In this event, prizes are limited to runners aged 12 or under, starting at 8.30 am.

Previous Results

Previous winners (10km)

1984Michael Harding (31.07)Andrea Waddle (37.03)
1985Russell Foley (32.11)Trudy Fenton (39.14)
1986 unknown Trudy Fenton (36.36)
1987unknown unknown
1988Russell FoleyTrudy Fenton
1989Jason Holloway (32.42)Rhonda Bushby (38.40)
1990Daniel Smee (32.29)unknown
1991Colin Oliver (31.32)Andrea Marquardt (36.25)
1992Michael Dalton (30.21)Cheri Horne (37.47)
1993Martin Murray (31.22)MaryAnne Murray (34.54)
1994Michael Dalton (30.21)MaryAnne Murray (35.57)
1995Michael Dalton (30.39)Kylie Risk (35.37)
1996Damon Court (30.32)Kylie Risk (32.06)
1997Daniel Smee (31.57)Kylie Risk (33.12)
1998Chris French (30.52)Andrea Marquardt (38.16)
1999Jason Allie (31.16)Mandy Giblin (36.13)
2000Colin Oliver (31.24)Kylie Risk (32.24)
2001Michael Chettle (30.20)Kate Chettle (39.09)
2002Michael Chettle (29.55)Kylie Risk (35.37)
2003Brad Dyson (30.49)Kylie Risk (33.25)
2004Grant Page (31.30)Kylie Risk (35.22)
2005David Thomas (32.13)Kylie Risk (36.57)
2006Grant Page (33.18)Olivia Gillie (43.24)
2007Kim Gillard (33.00)Kylie Risk (38.54)
2008Grant Page (34.19)Kylie Risk (38.08)
2009Grant Page (33.44)Angela Grimmond (39.54)
2010Grant Page (33.46)Hanny Alston (37.52)

New course implemented in 2011

2011Jordan Harries (34.10)Andrea Marquardt (41.22)
2012Grant Page (32.32)Clementine Johnson (39.06)
2013Grant Page (32.28)Carolyn Davis (41.00)
2014Hugh Nicklason (34.01)Mandy Giblin (40.27)
2015David Thomas (32.02)Ruth Wilson (38.55)
2016Grant Page (32.52)Ruth Wilson (39.12)
2017Grant Page (33.11)Tessa Johns (40.21)
2018Alex Humphrey (35.55)Gabby Wilson (42.55)